Steris Hausted Horizon Stretcher

The Steris Hausted Horizon is a multipurpose stretcher designed for a wide range of applications in any department. The stretcher is stable and strong enough to transport the patient, while the thick mattress comfort Allowing greater patient.


Adjust the height of the unit and Trendelenburg positioning with integrated hydraulic foot controls. The pneumatically assisted bird Adjusts the backrest from zero to 90 degrees. Accessories double wells in each of the four corners customizable settings allow accessories. 
Stretcher Steris Horizon is available Hausted With AirGlide rails or retract. Motorized controls are an additional option.

  • Based thermoformed basis is perfect and easy to clean.
  • The core design includes support oxygen tank and the storage area for the patient belongings.
  • The construction of double pedestal base ensures the stability of the patient.
  • Adjustable surface of the patient has finished powder.
  • The tire-assisted assailant adjusts the support zeroed at 90 degrees.
  • Hydraulic controls Foot control the height adjustment, Trendelenburg position.
  • The bumper system protects corner unmarked walls.
  • Four brake levers / address in each corner for easy operation.
  • Head mounted IV pole.
  • Two wells on each corner accessory for multiple configurations of accessories.
  • Choose from AirGlide rails or retract rails.
  • Optional: motorized movements.

Steris Stretchers Hausted Horizon Specifications


  • Minimum height: 22.5 “(57.2 cm)
  • maximum height: 34.75 “(88.3 cm)

General specifications

  • Overall length: 83 “(210.8 cm)
  • side rails 15 “(38.1 cm) x (152.4) 60”
  • IV and accessories wells 4 wells IV; 4 accessories wells
  • Fowler: Assistant pull, wireless, 0 ° – 90 °
  • Wheels: 8 in Tente
  • Brake pedals / address: 4; One at each corner
  • Hydraulic Controls: Pedals on Both Sides / li>

Maximum weight capacity

  • I500 lbs (226.8 kg)