Suction Pump Wells Johnson Aspirator III

We present another innovation Wells Johnson. The new Aspirator Wells Johnson, with a smooth gray casing, made of plastic polymer without dentures and scratch resistant. The Interior Has Been Redesigned With simplicity in mind propelled by piston pumps double syncing and surrounded by a special foam 2 ‘sound absorption. Wells Johnson Aspirator That saves time delivers performance without being Heard. It’s really the quietest vacuum cleaner ever Wells Johnson has made. When choosing the Aspirator Wells Johnson, better quality everywhere you Provide: all brass fittings and pipes, pre-tested high pressure, Exceeding all industry requirements and Ensuring reliability in the coming years.

Wells Johnson Aspirator is a suction system with two high power vacuum pumps oil-free piston. The system is designed to pull a vacuum on any container or open any closed system process. The vacuum is Achieved by mounting the vacuum pumps in parallel.

When the vacuum cleaner Wells Johnson is connected, the air flow is from the tip of the cannula through the pipe collection system, trap overflow, bacterial filter and finally to the pumps evacuate air from the lines, creating a vacuum aspirating the aspirate in in the same direction as the airflow. The Extracted materials collection system Continues Until the standard under suction cannula is again exposed to air.

  • ¬†Weight 15 lbs