Zoll R Series Desfibriladores de monitor

Zoll R Series Brings the preparation of code to each hospital department seeking cost-effective advanced resuscitation.


Three models to choose from:

  • R Series BLS: This low-level economic defibrillator is perfect for low acuity areas Where rarely advanced capabilities are needed. First responders can use the BLS AED as a one-button Until It Reaches the Team Code and change the unit to Manual Defibrillator With optional SpO2 and stimulation.
  • R Series ALS: A more advanced defibrillator acts as a defibrillator Manual CPR while offering full support, advanced monitoring parameters and network connectivity. ALS is perfect for experienced users, and is now available With Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • R Series Plus: This model all-in-one combine the capabilities of ALS and BLS Zoll defibrillators. The unit switches seamlessly from BLS to ALS mode so users can Easily That pass the CPR led to advanced life support. Wi-Fi connectivity is a standard feature.


  • Available With stimulation, CO2 at the end of the tide, noninvasive blood pressure and SpO2 monitoring capabilities.
  • Performs a self-test and integrated automated eleven day, including battery status and integrity of the electrode to Ensure it is ready for the code.