GE Dash 4000

The Dash 4000 Pro is the MOST advanced available for Physicians Who Want to Improve the quality of care set monitor. Dash Monitors Have the gold standard Marquette ECG, DINAMAP, NIBP, Masimo SET pulse oximetry and other major improvements in patient safety in a sturdy, lightweight ergonomic design and durable enough to handle even air transport. Modular upgrades and a large screen 10 “color make 4000 a good buy for the surgical center and even the Intensive Care Unit.

No monitor on the market offers more tools That assessment save lives like lead 12SL-12, EK-Pro arrhythmia, ST segment analysis, A-Fib detection and alarm reduction IntelliRate for less cost. All GE bedside monitors feature a common interface and intuitive menu Trim Knob structures, so every physician can be That qualified using the bedside monitor Throughout the process Continuing Care.


  • stepwise deflation gold standard DINAMAP NIBP With proprietary technology Helps navigate through the engine.
  • Marquette ECG includes simultaneous multilead EK-Pro arrhythmia detection, false alarm reduction IntelliRate up to 50 and detection of atrial fibrillation.
  • Noninvasive Hemodynamic With CardioDnamics Add BioZ ICG module
  • Your choice of Masimo SET or Nellcor SpO2
  • The common user interface E With all bedside monitors nurses to comfort level Gives you reduce the chance of and medical errors.
  • Intuitive operation and menu structure simplifiés Minimizes training
  • Common connectors Solar modular monitors allow for quick smooth transition if the patient’s condition changes and high-acuity monitoring is needed.
  • Connect to power and network connections Docking Station Dash.
  • Maintaining patient bed to bed mapping and connectivity of the Central station During transport With the wireless LAN features Dash.
  • Dash monitors use as a screen Telemetry in our mode rover-combo
  • Resuscitation convenient docking station Dash Defibrillator