Infusion Pump Hospira Plum XL3

The Plum® XL3 Micro / Macro is a system of multi-line volumetric infusion designed to meet the growing demand for standardization throughout the hospital. Plum XL3 houses three independent pumping units, each of which has a primary line, a secondary line and a fluid delivery capacity of translation. Plum XL3 is suitable for a wide range of medical / surgical and critical care applications. The full compatibility with systems and accessories LifeCare® PlumSets® administration and protection systems make needleless LifeShield® Plum XL3 be a convenient and cost effective system infusion.

  • Three independently programmable pumps
  • For primary fluid supply
  • Functional all types of containers


Hospira Plum XL3 Specifications


  • 13.75 “H x 2.12” W. X 7.5 “D
  • 20 pounds batteries
  • Housing high-impact plastic
  • 100-130 VAC, 47/63 Hz, less than 60 W
  • AC cord hospital grade 10 feet long
  • 1.0 A, 250V, slow-blow fuse
  • rechargeable sealed lead-acid 8V
  • A set fully charged battery will provide a running time of about 4 hours when all units operate at a pumping rate of 125 ml / hr or 1000 ml cumulative supply any combination of speeds and pumping units simultaneously.
  • Recharging the battery takes about 6 hours when the device is off