Monitor GE Dash 5000

The GE Dash 5000 is a portable monitoring system That Is Flexible and easy to use. Multiple mounting solutions and a wide range of accessories and Flexible workplace Ensure easy configuration so doctors can adapt to That the needs of each patient monitoring. Dash monitors are designed for integration into commonly used Existing wireless networks, helping to leverage investment in Their Existing IT infrastructure.


  • advanced clinical parameters 12SL ™ ECG Including for simultaneous monitoring, GE EK-Pro ™ for analysis of multi-lead arrhythmia, ICG, primary and secondary current CO2 stream and GE DINAMAP® PANI With SuperSTAT ™
  • Connectivity options include wired and wireless
  • To 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures
  • High resolution CRG trends for monitoring the NICU
  • The Dash monitor is designed to be flexible
  • Fully flexible alarm settings allow personalized monitoring
  • ECG acquisition through cables or wireless
  • Bright alarm light at the bedside helps to locate the patient immediately in critical situations
  • Multiple mounting solutions and a wide range of accessories ensure easy and flexible workplace configuration.
  • Lightweight, durable and ergonomic design
  • Both options for measuring the main and secondary current (low-flow) of CO2 for applications from neonatal to adult patients
  • Optimized for transport plaintiff
  • Up to 2 Hot Swap batteries for unlimited battery monitoring
  • DashPort2 Docking Station for easy switching between bedside and transport monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring center through transport During a wireless network
  • Compatible with bed mount for transportation in hospital