Philips Intellivue X2 Patient Monitor Portable – M3002A

Designed to follow the patient
Philips M3002A IntelliVue X2 the portable version with MMS combine multiple measurement module and transport monitor perfect for transportation and patient movement. It weighs 2.7 pounds and is small enough to versitle MOST basic patient monitoring requirements, while offering a robust construction designed to handle location changes everyday and patient transport.

Unplug the Intellivue X2 and go in one step while reducing errors and Improving patient care.


Designed to make clear decisions

  • Redesigned user interface to enhance the visibility of patient data, for ease of use and software compatibility.
  • Dynamic wave area presents waves are automatically adjusted in size depending on the number of configured waves.
  • Capture and review 12-lead ECG diagnostic on the monitor before sending them to the IntelliVue Information Center (IES).¬†Print type cardiography, 12-lead ECG diagnostic reports header.¬†With the IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX) revises the interpretation of 12-lead ECGs and 12 above leads directly to the head and triggers the export of 12-lead ECG to a file.
  • NBP measurement every now Generates a column in the table vitals trends.¬†Measurements for other values are added to Provide a full set of vital signs data for NBP measurement time, offering a more complete picture.
  • Smart Alarm Delay The software you reduce the number of nuisance alarms by pulse oximetry, Allowing focused attention.

Other main features

  • Designed to be lightweight, small and robust Compared With critical care transport monitors in your group of springs.
  • MMS screen, alarm capability, removable battery for 3 hours and extended trends.
  • With Color touch screen 3.5 “screen with perfect recording.
  • It Connects to larger screen solutions for versatile independent monitor with the same flexibility Philips IntelliVue screen monitors available in
  • Transmits data cable or wirelessly to the IntelliVue Information Center, or just plug and play for loading data to another IntelliVue monitor
  • Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to Provide near real-independent access to the data room ECG / SpO2 time
  • Philips Green Flagship, Complying with environmental standards in manufacturing and use
  • Prolonging battery Philips X2 / MP223 Provides additional operating time of the battery up to six hours to twenty-hospital patient transport and simultaneous measurement of CO2 additional blood pressure and invasive temperature measurement.